We have a tried and tested system in place to monitor your less reliable debtors. As soon as they find a more solid financial footing, we’ll launch the debt recovery procedure.

Debt recovery

We’ll take over the recovery process on your outstanding debts, and will only charge you when we’re successful. As a client, you’ll enjoy the benefit of our client-focused terms – in addition to the full range of skills and qualities among our partners, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Certificates of non-execution

Every year in Switzerland, certificates of non-execution are issued for a combined value of two to three billion Swiss francs. What’s more, the number and value of these certificates has seen a steady increase in recent years. The current state of the financial markets is leading to more and more firms losing money and going bankrupt, so this is why it’s now so important to have a firm hand with your debtors and manage your disputes effectively.

When debtors are left alone, they’ll think nothing of taking on more debt and expanding their list of creditors. The quicker your recovery specialists can get to work, the better the odds that you’ll get your money back.

It’s been our experience that many certificates of non-execution can still be issued – but not forever. So to get your money back, you need to dedicate time and money to the task. It is essential to manage your files systematically and logically. This is where our certificate of non-execution service comes in, saving you time and recovering your money.