Nothing is too expensive for those who have debts.


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Our philosophy

Are you or your firm feeling the need to recover some of your outstanding debt? Are poor or dishonest debt repayment practices putting your company’s cash flow in danger?

Helveticum Inkasso is here to help you find the right solution. We will use ethical and respectful measures to recover your debt, in a way that protects your interests and remains attainable for your debtors. We will actively manage all of your payment contracts and maintain our impressive success rate.

Our specialists will do the heavy lifting, allowing you to spend your time focusing on the more important side of your business.

There are so many reasons to bring Helveticum Inkasso, the debt recovery specialists, on board:

  • Save time by outsourcing your debt recovery activities.
  • No need to tie up your available cash-flow.
  • We’re specialists in reaching repayment agreements – whether transactional or court-mandated.
  • We will only charge for our legal services if we win.

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Übergeben Sie die Eintreibung Ihrer Forderungen dem Spezialisten.

Bring on board a specialist to recover your debts. We’ll take over and save you valuable time. Let us handle everything from tracking down your debtors to negotiating with the various branches and authorities.

Our team of professionals is on-hand for you. So let Helveticum Inkasso do the hard work for you. You and your outstanding debts will be in good hands!