Our fees

Debt recovery

Our company works on a no-win, no-fee basis. When successful, our fees represent 10% of the total recovered.

Debt recovery through legal action

In the event that the debt recovery process takes a legal turn and is taken to court, we will work closely alongside a lawyer. If you choose to pursue legal proceedings, you will need to release an advance payment, which will be calculated according to the case.

Our recovery strategy will come into effect as soon as we receive this payment, and will include filing the case and opening the legal process. In these proceedings, the plaintiff’s advance fees are generally reimbursed by the opposing party. Our fees represent 10% of the debt reimbursed by the debtor.

Certificates of non-execution

There is no cost to you when issuing a certificate of non-execution. We will bear all of the costs associated with identifying the address, emoluments, investigations, legal and operational requirements, postal services, etc.

In general, our fees (provided we succeed) are set at 50% of the recovered total, with no extra costs.